Drunk Niall Horan Caught Flipping Middle Finger and Kissing Girl

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Niall Horan has reportedly had quite a drunken–er–intense weekend. After weeks of not being able to imbibe alcohol in the U.S., the One Direction guys were obviously ready to let their collective hair down. In other words, they went out and tied one on. Or rather, from the looks of them, they each had more than one. A lot more. The most profligately inebriated, however, was Niall who was photographed at a student bar in his home town of Mullingar, Ireland looking positively pie-eyed. As if to prove that he was even drunker than he looked, Horan flipped his middle finger at the camera. He was also snapped kissing a hot blonde–albeit not at the same time.

As you can see by clicking here, Niall tried, rather half-heartedly, to look like he was just resting his chin on his hand in a rather awkward position. Yeah right. But you can tell from the look on his face that he’s “completely bongoed.” He looks slightly more together in the second pic where he’s kissing a pretty blonde girl on the cheek, but alas, his half-mast eyes give him away. Oh well. Maybe he should have taken a day off from boozing like Louis Tomlinson.

According to sources, Niall Horan’s friends are responsible for posting his inebriated images on Twitter. Oops.

Stay tuned.

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