Duane “Dog” Chapman Isn’t ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Bound After All

Duane “Dog” Chapman, better known as Dog The Bounty Hunter, isn’t joining the Celebrity Big Brother reality series after all. That’s because the former reality show icon got denied a United Kingdom visa.

The denial stemmed from Chapman’s involvement in the ’76 murder of Texas man, Jerry Oliver. Oliver’s death was the result of a drug deal gone wrong.

Although Chapman didn’t actually pull the trigger and wasn’t even present when Oliver got shot and killed, he was in the waiting getaway vehicle; making him an accessory after the fact. Therefore, he got convicted of murder right along with those who did commit the crime.

Chapman received a five-year prison sentence but only served 18 months of his term. Upon his release, he decided it was better to join the other side of the law. That is if one can call bounty hunting a law-abiding career.

The Dog’s notoriety eventually caught the eye of A&E network who offered him his own reality television series. Dog the Bounty Hunter ran successfully for eight years. However, it got cancelled earlier this year after Duane and the network couldn’t come to terms with his contract. Or at least that’s Chapman’s side of the story. A&E never offered an official explanation.

The United Kingdom has strict regulations about issuing visa’s to people who’ve committed certain types of crimes. Murder obviously qualifies as one of them.

That means Dog won’t be on Celebrity Big Brother after all. That is, unless a miracle occurs, which doesn’t seem likely.

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