Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson’s Financial Woes….Is Fergie Bankrupt?

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While the Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson is experiencing serious financial woes, she is doing everything she possibly can to avoid bankruptcy. So far Fergie is not bankrupt, but it’s uncertain how long she can hold out from needing to file.

According to NBCNews, Sarah Ferguson admitted publicly that she was in severe debt after attempting to sell secrets about her ex-husband Prince Andrew to a British tabloid. Fergie claims today, however, that she has managed to pay off all of her personal debts.

This is wonderful news, but everyone knows that “personal debt” doesn’t necessarily equal “all debt.” Does Fergie owe even more money?

Forbes.com reports that Sarah Ferguson is now doing everything within her power to avoid filing for bankruptcy over her business debts.

This information was garnered after unidentified royal sources divulged news of Sarah Ferguson’s financial issues to the media.

Sarah Ferguson never quite measured up to what was expected of her as a royal. It is quite likely that this sense of not fitting in contributed to her excessive spending and poor money management in later years. It is nice to learn, however, that Prince Andrew was forgiving after her British tabloid scandal and that he doesn’t wish her any ill will with regard to her debts. Now, it’s just too bad he wouldn’t stand up like a true gentleman of royalty and pay them all off for her. That would certainly prevent Fergie from going bankrupt!


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