‘Dudley Dorito’ UFO Spotted Again Over York, England (Video)

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The famous “Dudley Dorito” UFO was spotted again in England, this time over York, as it floated above a forest. What is it?

The video, filmed on a bright day and through a thicket of trees, is of exceptional clarity and high quality. The witness is clearly surprised and struggles to keep the unidentified flying object in sight.

This kind of aircraft has been caught on tape several times before, always displaying a curious, off-center dot on the bottom hull of the triangular shape.

It glides slowly through the air at low altitude without making a sound. If the video is a hoax, it’s an extremely good one.

As the UFO slides past, it’s obscured by tree limbs and branches. Such an image is extremely hard to accomplish with video editing software and most hoaxers prefer to show objects clear of any hindrance. It’s just easier to do.

It is possible that the UK military is pioneering a new type of stealth aircraft in secret, and these “Dudley Dorito” sightings are just the cost of testing new designs.

For a decade prior to the unveiling of the B-2 Stealth Bomber, hundreds of witnesses reported seeing what they could only describe as a black, flying wing. Most people thought they were seeing things. Until the Air Force finally tipped their hand.

Could the “Dudley Dorito” be the same kind of mysterious, new airplane?

Here’s the video:

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