‘Duets’ 2012 Final Four Review — Jason Farol, Kelly Clarkson are ‘Feeling Good’

Following the July 5 booting of hopeful Olivia Chisholm, Duets 2012 continued as the final four sang standard-setting super hits. Jason Farol and his mentor Kelly Clarkson chose the sultry Nina Simone hit “Feeling Good” as their vehicle to success, but did they impress?

With Kelly injured, Jason vowed to step up and take control of the performance. Jason called the song “right up my alley,” noting that it was the kind of music he grew up with. Though he worried over a single high note in the tune, Kelly encouraged him to just change it if it gave him trouble, and he seemed more than ready for the challenge.

At showtime, Jason began slowly, but when he got into his groove, he looked confident, secure and seemed to completely melt into the performance. His stage presence has absolutely exploded since he began his tenure on the show and he should be really proud of his transformation from shy guy into stud.

John Legend admitted that he’d been “a little skeptical about you in the past” but was “impressed” by his growth. Robin Thicke reiterated that he’s “adorable,” though he “missed a little bit of the soul” that Simone puts into it. Jennifer Nettles praised his “dedication” and called him “inspiring.”

Following the show, Kelly hit Twitter to drum up support for her lone protege. She tweeted to fans, “Everybody please vote for my boy Jason Farol! He just kicked major tail on Duets tonight! You can vote 5 times each on ABC.com, Facebook, and by phone! WOOHOOOO!!”

Will Jason Farol advance to the Duets 2012 top 3? Watch the next episode on July 12 to find out if he survives the vote.

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