‘Duets’ 2012 July 19 Finale — An Obvious Winner?

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Duets 2012 concludes this evening on ABC. By the time the curtain falls on the reality singing competition’s very first season, one of three men–J Rome and John Glosson of Team Jennifer Nettles, or Team Kelly Clarkson’s Jason Farol–will be named the winner. So which guy probably snagged the lion’s share of America’s votes and a coveted recording deal?

To season-long viewers, J Rome is the obvious choice. He’s a polished, consistent performer who managed to impress the Superstars with his range and emotional investment every week. And he’s humble to boot; this morning he tweeted fans “Tonight is so bitter sweet! I’m so proud of us all for makin it so far…I know only 1 can win & whoever does I’m 4ever honored”.

But it may well not be that simple when it comes to predicting a vote. America doesn’t always root for the best performer. That’s why Jason, who Jennifer called a “yummy little soul singer” last week, may very well have a shot at the win. He experienced tremendous growth in performance skills over the course of the show, and on top of that, he’s a cutie. And teenage girls love cute young guys. (Just look at Justin Bieber and the guys from One Direction.) But appearance aside, his momentum may well carry him to the top.

Despite an amazing set of pipes, John is probably the longest shot for the win. He was nearly eliminated last week –Team John Legend’s Bridget Carrington got the boot instead– and he simply doesn’t have that natural charisma and presence that both J Rome and Jason possess in spades. He’s a great guy with an incredible voice, but it would be shocking to see him take the title.

To see who wins Duets 2012, watch ABC tonight at 8 PM ET/PT.

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