‘Duets’ 2012 July 5 Recap — John Glosson Has the Win in Mind

Duets 2012 resumed July 5 with the final four contestants as they tackled heavy-hitting hits of the past. Hopeful John Glosson and his mentor Jennifer Nettles looked no further than their shared roots with their top 4 pick.

“Georgia on My Mind” served as the song of choice for the two Douglas, GA natives. During rehearsals, John predicted that the duo’s version of the Ray Charles classic would “be amazing if we hit it.”

John and Jennifer hit the stage wearing basic black across the board, and gently rolled their way through the song. They hit the harmonies beautifully, and as usual, John was nearly spot-on throughout, singing with great soul and passion. If America sends votes his way, he has a real shot at taking the title.
Post-song, show host Quddus inquired if his family is often on his mind, prompting John to say yes, and then praise the virtues and sweet tea and macaroni and cheese.

The superstars were appreciative of the vocal effort. Robin Thicke called it “an amazing job,” but Kelly Clarkson said she had “a really hard time hearing you” but was “sure you did awesome.” After calling John’s last performance “too syrupy,” John Legend said he thought he’d used “just the right amount of syrup” this go-round.

Will Team Jennifer’s John Glosson earn enough votes to make the top 3, or will he follow Team Robin contestant Olivia Chisholm, who was eliminated at the top of the hour, out the door? Watch the Duets 2012 final 3 show on July 12 and find out.

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