Duets 2012 Recap: What Happened During Superstars’ Choice?

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Thursday, the Duets competition was on with only four contenders left to duke it out. So, while Jason, John, J Rome, and Bridget warmed up their vocal chords, Quddus had some talking to do.

This evening was devoted to the songs chosen by the superstars of the show, and so the four of them—John Legend, Jennifer Nettles, Robin Thicke, and Kelly Clarkson—took the Motown sounds to the NBC stage with “Get Ready.” These guys weren’t The Temptations, but they did do a great job.

After that, it was sadly time to see who was going home. Not surprisingly, one possibility was Bridget, while the other was John, a brilliant talent. In the end, Bridget Carrington, John Legend’s charge, got the old heave-ho.

So, now that no more amateur females are left to battle it out on Duets, the guys have a big job to do to show game as their performances will be scrutinized to the nth degree.

John Glosson especially needs to garner as many votes as he can given that he landed in the bottom two and is therefore fighting to stay on the show with every note he sings. He was given the song The Prayer, the irony of this pick not lost on savvy viewers.

John’s version of the familiar song took on some qualities similar to that of the Celine Dion/Andrea Bocelli hit. To say John and Jennifer did not reach the heights of these legendary crooners is an understatement. Still, Glosson still had another chance to prove his prowess during his solo.

For that, John Glosson took on a performance of Bless the Broken Road, an anthem that both the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and Rascal Flatts made famous. This was a much improved effort from the big guy’s previous performance with Jennifer, and given that he really does have a mesmerizing voice and that he proved it with this song, hopefully Mister Glosson will be able to stay in the competition.

That said, at this point, it’s up to the viewing public of Duets 2012 to keep him and/or any other competitor on the show. The masses must vote for their favorites as this innovative talent show winds down for the season.

With any luck, John Glosson will be among the remaining talent for a chance at the win. Still, what will happen on this very competitive ABC show seems extremely up in the air at this point, so stay tuned next week to see what actually happens.

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