Duets Recap: John Glosson of Team Nettles Rules on June 20, 2012

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On Duets on Tuesday, John Glosson was once again a hero, at least in Jennifer Nettles book as well in the books of the many fans of this power singer who spouts out words to music that are as smooth as the perfect milkshake.

In fact, for many, Glosson ruled the night of singing amateur with pro on the NBC talent show. No doubt. this Team Nettles member really knocked the socks off a slew of new fans as he and Jennifer Nettles sang that corny yet stirring Titanic anthem, My Heart Will Go On.

OK, so John Glosson isn’t Leonardo DiCaprio or Celine Dion, for that matter. But then again, regarding Dion, neither is Jennifer. In fact, for this mentor’s part, this was a tough song to duet to, and she did fine but did hit some weird (read: pitchy) notes while she sang with the big guy.

Meanwhile, the big guy has one fine voice which really is a testament to have conviction. As a reward, he landed in the top 2 just behind his fellow Team Nettles mate J Rome at the end of the evening. In a way, that’s too bad because this Duets contender would have blown anyone else away when coming up with an a capella number, even if it was Mary Had A Little Lamb. He’s that good.

OK, you can say it: Glosson can sing the phone book and yet be letter-perfect.

In any case, he didn’t have to sing about Mary’s lamb last night, nor did he have to sing telephone numbers. On the TV talent show of his choice, this warbler was safe and sound high up on the leaderboard at number 2 and possibly heading for number 1.

With that said, what do you think of this solid singer who can fine tune a nursery rhyme? Do you think he should win Duets? Do you want John Glosson’s heart to go on for this TV talent show? Thoughts?

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