‘Duets’ Week 2 Recap — John Legend, Meleana Brown Serve up a Perfect Sandwich

When Duets returned for a second week of competition on ABC, mentor John Legend teamed up with brand new amateur partner Meleana Brown of Oahu, Hawai’i for their first-ever performance.

Following the as-yet unexplained departure of Johnny Gray, John scrambled to find a replacement partner, and wound up selecting the beautiful and musically-gifted Meleana to take his place.

Meleana hit the stage singing the mega classic “Endless Love.” She looked stunning in a long, glittering silver gown and the song choice was a great one. It showed off her vocal skills and her ability to express emotion as she sings. It would’ve been better had John not been parked behind the piano the entire time, but it was beautiful and Meleana was absolutely the star.

Robin Thicke was first to comment from the Superstar Lounge, and it was a bizarre one. He thought her “sandwich” had “the perfect amount of onion, definitely not too much mustard and you even put some provolone on there for me, thank you.” After Kelly Clarkson got over Robin’s remarks, she called Meleana beautiful and thought the performance was well done, but cautioned her against trying to be “perfect all the time” because “heart matters way more.” Jennifer Nettles said “there’s something super classy about what you’re doing” and enjoyed the “uniqueness” in her voice.

Meleana may have been the new girl on the block, but she ended the evening on an impressive note, tying for the top spot on the chart with Jennifer’s protegĂ© J Rome.

What’s next for the hopefuls on Duets? Tune in next week and find out.

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