Duggar Baby #19 – Are Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar Religious or Wrong?

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People magazine has reported that Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar of Arkansas have welcomed Duggar Baby #19 to the family. Josie Brooklyn, weighted 1 lb. 6 oz when she was born at 6:27 p.m. Thursday at University of Arkansas, People reported.

The reality TV show couple star in the TLC reality show “18 Kids & Counting.”

TMZ reported the girl was born after her mother — who was recently treated for gallstones — underwent an emergency C-Section. Both mother and baby are reporting stable.

While many may criticize the conservative Baptist couple for their public stance against birth control, the Duggar’s believe the children are blessings from God. They recently discussed this and other beliefs with Religion News Service.

In the interview, which ranges from Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar’s regular “date nights,” to strangers’ reactions to the large family, Michelle is quotes as saying “Every family has to do what they feel they’re called to do. We’re not out there telling people this is the way everybody else needs to live, because by all means, this is not for everyone. God wouldn’t give everybody 19 children. We realize that there’s a different calling for different people. We’re not about to judge anybody and tell them what they ought to do. That same kindness can be extended both directions.”

Do you agree? What are your thoughts about those that weigh in on Duggar Baby #19 and Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar’s outspoken choice not to use birth control?


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