Duggar Family Averts Tragedy, But One Member is Hospitalized

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The Duggar family of 19 Kids and Counting fame has averted a complete tragedy, but a serious accident has landed one of their members in the hospital. It seems Jason Duggar fell into the orchestra pit of a theater where the family was set to appear.

According to RadarOnline, the entire family is gravely concerned over Jason’s condition.

The Duggar family patriarch, Jim Bob Duggar, offered the following details about the frightening situation.

“We found Jason laying there in a pool of blood, he broke his two front teeth out, we didn’t know if he had a neck injury. John and Jill immobilized his neck, and kept him still. We called an ambulance immediately,” Jim Bob Duggar explains.

Of course many of the other Duggar children were on hand when this accident occurred, and that no doubt frightened several of the younger ones.

“He was starting bleeding and had to go to the hospital,” says little Johannah Duggar.

Jackson Duggar talks about his fear for his brother.

“I was crying. I will tell you why I was crying,” he says. “He was my buddy. And I didn’t want him to die.”

Fortunately Jason Duggar survived the dangerous fall, but things certainly could have turned out much worse. Given that the Duggar family believes avidly in the power of prayer, they no doubt beseeched God’s powers to heal Jason.

The Duggar FamilyWith a family the size of the Duggar family, it’s a wonder more serious accidents like this one haven’t taken place. They have had many close calls with their nineteenth child, little Josie Duggar, as she was born many weeks premature.

Hopefully Jason Duggar will be released from the hospital and reunited with the rest of the Duggar family very soon.

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