Duggar Family: Duggars Make Top Parenting Stories of 2011

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The Duggar family made the Today show’s top 10 parenting stories for the year and completely because of Jubilee Shalom. According to the show’s website, Michelle’s announcement of her 20th pregnancy got the world talking and is what landed the family at the number two spot for 2011. Of course the blurb about the Duggars took was ended with a sad note about the miscarriage of little Jubilee.

Duggar Family 2007-1Other parenting stories such as Tiger Mom, genderless parenting and circumcision free San Francisco rounded out the list. It seems 2011 was the year for controversial parenting news. No matter what your parenting perspective, you likely found yourself on the opposite side of at least one story that dealt with children this year. Whether you thought Tiger Mom pushed her two daughters too hard, the Duggar family had too many kids or you refuse vaccines, you had a debate on your hand.

Many people complained that they were sick of the debates at one point or another. What do you think? Are parenting controversies blown out of hand or do the debates lend something to the public? Here is to hoping 2012 brings more parenting that bring parents together instead of tearing them apart.

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