Dumbest Generation Getting Dumber *** Really, did ANYONE have to TELL you this?

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I see this more and more very day, and so-called college grads erroneously believe their “schooling” makes them superior – just ask them!   The longer you stay in public school, (including college) the stupider you get

Money can’t provide real education any more than buy “class”.  I’ve had the privilege of being around home schooled youngsters, who graduate at 14 and 15, with an education that most colleges don’t supply, AND, they know who they are, what they want to accomplish, and believe they have the tools to succeed.  They have high self-esteem and are drug-free.  Socially, they are also FAR superior than any public school kids with whom I’ve interacted.  Nice kids, yes, smart? not so much…

Our govt. funded schools teach kids to obey the rules, do what you are told, don’t think for yourself, grow up, get your socialistic education, go to work for someone else so you can work as a slave for the govt. by way of paying your taxes, and let the govt. tell you what to believe and what you can and cannot do.

Just look at the past decade.

Dumbest Generation Getting Dumber

In 2006, U.S. students ranked 25th of 30 advanced nations in math and 24th in science. McKinsey & Company, in releasing its report “The Economic Impact of the Achievement Gap in America’s Schools” (April 2009) said, “Several other facts paint a worrisome picture. First, the longer American children are in school, the worse they perform compared to their international peers.

In recent cross-country comparisons of fourth grade reading, math, and science, US students scored in the top quarter or top half of advanced nations. By age 15 these rankings drop to the bottom half.

In other words, American students are farthest behind just as they are about to enter higher education or the workforce.” That’s a sobering thought. The longer kids are in school and the more money we spend on them, the further behind they get.

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