Duncan Keith loses teeth (video) in Chicago Blackhawks win over Sharks

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The tooth fairy may have to leave one Blackhawk player a bonus under his pillow. Yesterday afternoon, the Chicago Blackhawks were able to pull off the 4-0 sweep of the San Jose Sharks, en route to the 2010 NHL Stanley Cup Finals. This will be Chicago’s first Finals appearance in 18 years time. They’re also the team holding the longest drought since winning a championship. They last won it back in 1961. Despite all the hype and hooplah though, people can’t stop talking about the play where Duncan Keith loses teeth.

The Blackhawks defenseman had his face and mouth in the wrong place at the wrong time. Patrick Kane went for a one-timer goal, but Marc-Edouard Vlasic blocked it. The puck deflected to Patrick Marleau who tried to clear the puck down the length of the ice. Instead the hard shot caught Duncan Keith in the mouth. The end result: as many as seven teeth lost by Keith, and a goal scored by Marleau to make it 2-0 Sharks.

The Blackhawks rallied after Duncan Keith lost teeth though. For Sunday’s game, Dustin Byfuglien came up big once again, as the Blackhawks hero, scoring his game-winning goal with 5:55 remaining in the third. Over 22,000 fans came alive to celebrate the momentum shift in Chicago. Duncan commented about the horrific-looking shot to the face afterwords.

“I just knew right away,” Keith said. “I took one breath and it felt like my whole mouth was missing, so I knew there were some teeth gone. I’m missing seven teeth now, four on the bottom and three on the top. There are no stitches, though. They’re just all gone. I don’t know how, but I just mashed all my teeth out. They numbed it after it happened. They stuck a bunch of needles in there and froze it all up.” (NHL.com Blackhawks)

Reportedly, Keith had to cough at least one tooth up, while several others fell onto the ice. He’ll have at least a few days to recover and get some dental work done, maybe even some gold or platinum put in to match the Stanley Cup trophy the Blackhawks are pursuing.

Check out the Duncan Keith loses teeth video below via YouTube for some pics of his toothless look.

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