Dunkin Donuts “Best Coffee in America” Claim Rejected by US Patent Office

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Dunkin Donuts’ “best coffee in the world” claim has been rejected by the US Patent Office, as reported in the Inquisitr.com.

Dunkin' DonutsIt appears that the company has been trying to make the slogan as its official trademark. Well, the US Patent Office gave the company a huge rejection on that idea.

It’s been known that that the donut shop has good coffee, mostly known in the East Coast of the US. In the West Coast, Winchell’s and Yum Yum Donuts are the more popular donut shops.

The article reported that the patent office rejected the claim because it was “nothing more than a claim of superiority.” That was exactly what the Dunkin’s wanted!

It is a bit too much for a business to claim that they are the best and expect the US Patent Office to give them that claim.

Anyone can go into any city or little town across this country and see little eateries or hole-in -the-wall restaurants claiming that they have the best biscuit or best chocolate pie in the whole world.

C’mon really! How do these places figure that out?

It was only right that the patent office rejected Dunkin Donuts for that arrogant claim. What if American fast food restaurants claimed the best Mexican taco in the world? C’mon!

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