Dustin Hoffman Saved Jogger’s Life in London

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Actor Dustin Hoffman saved a jogger’s life recently in a London park. Last month in Hyde Park, the actor raced to the aid Sam Dempster who had collapsed from cardiac arrest.

Dustin Hoffman Saved Jogger's Life in LondonParamedic Martin Macarthur talked about the actor’s aid for the collapsed jogger. Macarthur said, “It is essential to get a history of what happened, and he witnessed the jogger go down. He was the main witness and saw him stagger and go down. He stayed on the scene for the whole duration of the resuscitation which was about 15 minutes. He was very concerned… When we were carrying the patient into the ambulance he said ‘Great job, guys.’ He really appreciated what had happened.”

It is amazing when somebody gives aid to somebody else who needs help. Imagine if that person was a big name celebrity like Dustin Hoffman? It truly is a story to remember no doubt. It is also interesting to realize that celebs are people just like everybody else. Who wouldn’t rush to the aid of a fallen jogger?

Recently other celebs have made headlines for helping save people. For instance actress Mila Kunis helped a 50-year-old who suffered a seizure, and Patrick Dempsey pulled a teenager out of a flipped car. Then, Ryan Gosling pushed a journalist out of the way of a cab in NYC. These celebs have gotten to be real life heroes, which is amazing.

As for Dempster, he has no memory of what happened. Even so, he is obviously thankful to Dustin Hoffman for helping save his life. Can you imagine this type of situation? Needing life saving care is always a huge deal, but having it administered by a celebrity is even crazier.

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