DWTS 2010: Kate Gosselin makes half a million for Dancing with the Stars (photos)

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Kate Gosselin didn’t do much for the art of dancing this season on Dancing with the Stars, but she did make a lot of money. Half a million dollars, in fact, according to Popeater.

Each person on the show reportedly gets $100,000 an episode — hence why we see former A listers who have lately slipped in the TVQ ratings, making them B or C listers on Dancing with the Stars, happy to enlist in more ways thank just dancing.

But back to Kate. Since this famous mom danced (or what was called dance), the reality maven moved $500,000 into her bank account for the effort.

The problem with me and this sum of money is that I didn’t see Kate make the effort. From what was gleaned while watching this season was a lot of grumbling about having to practice, getting mad at what Tony Dovolani instructed her to do — eventually causing the dancing pro to walk out at one point in sheer frustration, and talking a lot about spending time with the kids without actually spending time with the kids.

Someone wrote to me that Kate Gosselin is a media glutton (not in those words, they were stronger). I am not sure if that’s totally true, but it’s seems a bit much that in DWTS 2010 Kate Gosselin made half a million for a stint on the popular show, without actually Dancing with the Stars, if you get my drift. What do you think? Thanks for weighing in.

Have a look at these photos of Kate Gosselin trying to dance on Dancing with the Stars. Click HERE.

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