‘DWTS': Bristol Palin Target of White Powder Threat

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Watching Bristol Palin dance is about as enjoyable as a rectal exam, but that doesn’t justify threatening her life. A package of unknown white powder was mailed to CBS this week, warning Dancing With the Stars to ditch the political daughter.

This incident is very mysterious. Was the package sent because of anger toward her mother? Sarah has a ton of enemies out there, and some of them might be loony enough to do something like this. Or, was the powder mailed by a viewer who thinks Bristol is talentless, and should be working at Nine West, instead of being on television?

It shouldn’t be difficult for authorities to determine where the package originated from. Thankfully, it appears the substance was harmless, because police are not reporting any injuries.

“This is what will happen to you if Bristol Palin stays on,” a note with the powder warned.

Ironically, Bristol Palin was the recipient of a nearly identical mailing during her previous DWTS appearance in 2010. Was this the same suspect both times, or is there a copycat? Hopefully, police will get to the bottom of all this before anyone is harmed.

In November of 2010, Steven Cowan shot a hole in his television, frustrated that Bristol kept advancing on Dancing With the Stars, despite her obvious lack of talent.

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