‘DWTS’ Pamela Anderson ditching Tommy Lee for dance pro Tristan MacManus?

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Actress and model Pamela Anderson says she won’t be remarrying her ex-husband Tommy Lee any time soon despite the fact she once promised to do so if he turned 50 and they were both single.

She confessed she made the marriage promise to Lee in haste during an interview with Ellen Degeneres. The Motley Crue star (who is arguably the most famous band member) turns 50 next month, so media pressure is on for the pair to commit. Lee allegedly made his ex-wife swear an oath they would be together once they hit their celebrity senior years says SF Gate.

The Hollywood couple (Anderson and Lee) formally divorced back in 1998 after a short three years of marriage. Since that time they have been an on and off couple who has been in and out of both court regarding child custody issues and being spotted acting lovey-dovey by the paparazzi.

Pamela Anderson 3Forty-five-year-old Anderson, a devout vegetarian and animal rights activist, claims she has no intention of remarrying Lee at this time.

Now that she’s in her mid-forties and romantically available, the blonde bombshell seems to have her eyes focused clearly on scoring points of her own both on and off the dance floor with professional dancer Tristan MacManus from “Dancing With The Stars.”

Clearly enamored with her dance pro, she told Jimmy Kimmel on late night TV during the episode that aired after the elimination round on September 25th that she and her Irish ballroom pro-turned prospective beau plan to hit the town to celebrate being voted off. She also revealed they have planned a romantic tryst next week in Mexico.

MacManus seemingly blamed their epic loss on a lack of practice — not on her lack of ballroom dancing talent. The rest of America blamed the weird faces Pamela Anderson was making during their first appearance and the simulated face slap he gave her during the performance.

Bottom line, this sexy couple made family viewers very uncomfortable with their violent theme routine. Even Sarah Palin had to comfort and explain to Bristol Palin’s child that the celebs were just acting — not fighting for real.

Pam did tell People magazine that she was (admittedly) not the best dancer.

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