DWTS Results Shocker – Who Made the Finale, Bristol Palin or Brandy

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The DWTS results are in, and it’s a shocker. Who sat with stunned faces and who left in tears? Bristol Palin or Brandy? This season has been one of surprising results, as even host Tom Bergeron mentioned at the end, that consistently throughout the season, couples receiving their highest scores on a Monday, were eliminated on a Tuesday.

Photo by: KGC11/starmaxinc.com 2010 10/23/10 Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Brandy at the 32nd Anniversary Carousel of Hope Ball. (Beverly Hills, CA) Photo via Newscom

Dancing With the Stars has just never had such surprising results week after week after week. Never before has a couple that consistently ranked at the bottom of the leaderboard or at least towards the bottom made it to finale night. But “America’s Sweetheart,” or so she’s been called the past few weeks, was never part of the competition before.

Be it because she is America’s Sweetheart, or because of a political machine in place, whichever theory you prefer to go with, Bristol Palin has made it to the Dancing With the Stars final three. Her mother has certainly never been prouder. The finale is usually filled with sports stars, Olympians, musicians, and actors. And this time, it will be made up of an actor, an actress, and this time the teenage daughter of a former vice presidential candidate.

It’s true that Sarah Palin’s conservative websites do in fact not only endorse Bristol and her professional partner Mark Ballas, but also publish the voting information for her each week, encouraging everyone to vote as many times as allowed for Bristol. Interestingly enough, nothing is ever mentioned about her dancing. Just that everyone should vote for her.

It was definitely tense in the last moments of the show tonight. Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough, as well as Kyle Massey and Lacey Schwimmer, had already made it to the finale. Left standing onstage and not under red light were Bristol and Mark, and Brandy and Maksim Chmerkovskiy. Who was it going to be that made the finale? These were the bottom two scoring couples last night, but one of them was only three points off from perfection

By the looks on everyone’s faces, it seemed that everyone expected this to be the week that Bristol finally went home. When Brandy and Maks were called for the lowest scorers, Bristol looked just as surprised as everyone else. Derek stood onstage with his mouth literally hanging open at the shock that Brandy, who was thought to be Jennifer’s only real competition, was leaving.

Brandy cried at the end, certainly as shocked as everyone else. Maks isn’t one to keep quiet, so it’s a safe bet that we’ll be hearing from him sometime Wednesday. He’ll be talking often and loudly. There’s no denying that he and Brandy did deserve a spot in the final three. The only question is which couple shouldn’t be there?

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