DWTS Shocking Results – How Did Both Bristol Palin and Kurt Warner Stay

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Within the first few minutes of the DWTS Results show on Tuesday night, fans were left asking how both Bristol Palin and Kurt Warner stayed. The producers know how to hook an audience, as one of those two were expected to go home, yet they were the first two celebrities called safe, while Jennifer Grey was left in peril.

Photo by: KGC11/starmaxinc.com 2010 9/20/10 Audrina Patridge and Tony Dovolani at the season premiere of Dancing with the Stars . (Los Angeles, CA) Photo via Newscom

Certainly the judges were shocked as well, as it seems they’ve almost been scripting the departures. Each week the star they feel should be going home gets the lowest score, and they end up going home the next evening when the viewer votes just can’t lift up the scores enough to save the celebrity. This happened with David Hasselhoff, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, Michael Bolton, etc.

That is until last week. The judges gave Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas their low score for the week, yet they miraculously survived, while another close to the bottom dweller left, Florence Henderson. Somehow the order got switched around. She wasn’t going to last much longer, but it shouldn’t have been her leaving last week. Bristol was out there in a monkey suit, completely messed up her routine, and stayed.

On a show like American Idol, many times the person that should leave actually does the following week even though they bounce back and have a good performance. Was this going to happen on Dancing With the Stars to Bristol? It certainly seemed so. She had a better performance, yet she’s a person who came into this with a ready fan base for voting. Her only lock on celebrity is as the pregnant teenage daughter of a failed vice presidential candidate. How could she have a fanbase?

But barring the possibility of Bristol not leaving, it should have been Kurt Warner. Not that he had the worst dancing on the night, but he seemed to be the chosen one of the judges, the one they not only anointed the lowest score after his and Anna Trebunskaya’s dance, but also knocked out of the marathon dancing first.

Yet, Kurt and Bristol were safe in the last few minutes. It was shocking to say the least. Even having Bret Michaels, Alice Cooper, and Dee Snyder on as guest commentators for the results show wasn’t taking fans’ minds off both Bristol and Kurt being safe. Immediately everyone ran through a list of possibilities to go home. Rick Fox was a possibility. Jennifer Grey was as well, as she’d had a bad night, yet she’s a fan favorite and didn’t figure to go home. Brandy was the top scorer on the night. That left it in the hands of Kyle Massey who’s been struggling as of late, but had his best night this week in awhile, and Audrina Patridge.

Audrina had good scores as she always did, but she had two other factors against her. The first was that she wasn’t exciting enough. She and Tony Dovolaini didn’t give fans reason to pick up the phone and vote for them. Additionally, she didn’t have a lot of celebrity leading into the show. Heidi or Spencer Pratt have more celebrity leading into a show like this, as even negative fan reaction counts here.

What sent Audrina and Tony home Tuesday night was simply that neither of them were exciting enough or had enough celebrity pull to make fans care enough to pick up the phone and vote for them. It’s not clear why Bristol has those fans that Audrina doesn’t, but she somehow does. The other remaining celebrities have just been served warning that they need to bring their A game next week, as against Bristol’s voting block, B dancing isn’t going to cut it.

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