For Bob and those who grieve.


I have carefully packed my memories

            away into a small briefcase

                        not new but scuffed and old

            just like me and years fled

                        all now seen much better days

            so many long lost minutes ago

                        those memoirs some faded and torn

            as sepia photographs curled in frame

                        yet others like soft focus mist

            but many memories sharp still green

                        now all packed so carefully away

            especially of you in little satchel

                        tucked gently between soft memory cushions


Then I wrapped my fondest dreams

            in miniature cotton wool clouds clean

                        to pillow my once bright hopes

            and placed them into weary briefcase

                        on top of memories resting there

            before closing lid and clipping locks

                        then posting it all to you

            without letter or even explanatory note

                        for I thought all words meaningless

            thus with memories all now gone

                        I closed yesterday and judgment book

            and bright hopes in dreams snuffed

                        I entombed tomorrow and wishing well


I sit without yesterday and tomorrow

            at table with paper and pen

                        to write about new morning dawning

            seen through clear eyes looking afresh

                        at dew drops catching the sun

            beaming through mists steaming and rising

                        then swirling away on morning breeze

            with yellow light brightening to noon

                        before fading into purple dusk falling

            then packed away paper and pen

                        this last chore over and done

            while evening star calls to me

                        to follow it out of time






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I am intrigued by the proposition that what you believe is true for you - even if no one else believes it or regards it as true. That you will seek and find evidence proving to you that what you believe is true, despite the beliefs of others. Thereby imp

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