Dylan Redwine Case: Are There Any Persons of Interest?

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Missing 13-year-old Dylan Redwine still hasn’t been found and his disappearance is now a week old — surpassing the vital 48 to 72 hour window that is most important in any investigation. The search for the young man is as coordinated as ever, though, with more than 200 volunteers dedicating their time to finding him. Will this young teenager ever be found, though?

The search continues for Dylan Redwine, 13, the Colo. boy who vanished during a court-ordered visit with his father.

There are several possibilities in this case, with plenty of room for speculation. That includes whether or not the young parents or other relatives have been cleared of any suspicion by officials. It’s been widely publicized in the past couple of days that Dylan was visiting his father on a court ordered visitation — which only further highlights the custodial dispute between the boy’s parents. Statistically speaking, more than 350,000 parental-related disappearances occur in the United States every year. That’s approximately 1,000 children being abducted or going missing per day! There are also several crimes against children that are perpetrated by those who are in the family or are otherwise trusted friends of the family of the victim. So anything is possible.

The mother of Dylan Redwine says that the boy is not one of those types of kids that would just wander off into the wilderness. He’s not the stereotypical “boy’s boy” that likes the great outdoors. He’s “generational” and “tech-savvy,” and his mother feels that he would certainly not disappear on his own without getting in touch with her somehow. This sheds a negative light on the father in as such that he was the one responsible for his care. The father claims that he had last seen Dylan early in the morning on November 19th, but when he returned from running errands, he was gone.

There have been reported sightings of Dylan walking along country roads with another young man with backpacks — but like any high profile missing case, there are false sightings and exaggerated ones. So there is no telling as to whether or not these people actually saw Dylan — and if they did, what could he be up to?

It’s wise for officials to deeply investigate everyone involved in this child’s life so as to find out an idea of what could have happened. That’s not because the parents should be accused — absolutely not. It’s because this is standard protocol, due to the statistical common of children going missing during custodial disputes. In the meantime, searching area sex offenders’ homes and the like may uncover clues as well. Dylan could have run away, could have been abducted or could have faced something worse, so it’s important that police exhaust every single investigative avenue.

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