Dylan Sprouse Nude Photos Fake? Disney Star Won’t Own Up To Second Set

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The Dylan Sprouse nude photo leak took on a whole new meaning when actual nude photos — completely nude this time — hit the internet earlier on Sunday.

Apparently, the prior set of photos were a bit less full on and the second set is completely full on. But are they the real deal?

Maybe, maybe not. According to reports, the second set of photos seem to be photoshopped and unlike the first set, Dylan has not owned up to them…yet. If he doesn’t, then you know they are fake. He may even come out and say they are fake…or say nothing at all. 

No matter what, the first set of photos is definitely real and thanks to a jilted ex girlfriend, the whole world got to see Dylan Sprouse, that cute little boy from Suite Life who’s not so little anymore, in the buff.

What do you think of the photos? Do you think they are real?

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