E.A. Poe’s The Raven (interpreted) for Mindful Poetry

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Terza Rima 

Poe, bleary one midnight, weak and weary

Reading and researching ancient lore

My eyes kept closing; the atmosphere was eerie


Something before me, outside, knocking on my private door

“Who could it be, knocking on my outer door?”

“Maybe it’s just the wind and nothing more.”


A slight shiver, it was a cold December night

Fireplace burned, casting shadows on the floor

Nervously, I wished for tomorrow and the light


Something  o,er visiting me as I read about the lost Lenore

That beautiful creature the angels named Lenore,

 The rare and ravishing maiden, here, nameless evermore


Oh, remove these apparitions; I saw the purple curtain move

I was filled with a terror that I’d never felt before

My heart is beating faster, I must stand up and prove


I deplore one standing and rapping on my chamber door

Only a vast darkness and the cold December wind

I thought I heard a whisper of the name, Lenore


My core saw it, that black and evil bird, casting a shadow on my floor

Have you come to taunt my soul or give a message forlorn?

But he just kept staring and tapping; “You will see her Nevermore”


Have you come to take my soul and leave me with saddened scorn? 

It spoke as its shadow moved toward me,” Nevermore to see her form”.



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