E.C. Segar & Popeye The Sailor Man Take Over Google [Video]

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Today is a special day, and Google is once again making sure to mark it down on their search page. Popeye has taken over Google’s search engine to help celebrate what would have been the 115th birthday of the man that helped bring the cartoon sailor to life.The man died in 1938 before reaching his forty-fifth birthday, but he brought Popeye to the world back in 1929.

The character first appeared in a newspaper comic strip called Thimble Theater. He then first appeared as an animated cartoon character in Betty Boop’s cartoons.

Since then, Popeye has become a part of our lives with cartoons and even a live action movie starring Robin Williams as the sailor. I know growing up a child, the cartoon and its characters were a favorite of mine. Seeing Popeye still around after all these years is a good thing.

To help Google celebrate, you can check out Popeye below, and also the first ever cartoon featuring the sailor and his friends. This year would actually mark Popeye’s 80th anniversary as well. Man, time sure does fly!


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