EA Buys Popcap Games for $750 Million Dollars

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Electronic Arts (EA) has bought Popcap Games for $750 million dollars. Popcap are the creators of mobile games such as Bejeweled and Plants vs. Zombies. This adds to more evidence that if you want to get rich these days, create some flashy, colorful games that people can play on Facebook or on their smartphones in just a few minutes.

Plantas vs zombies

Last year, EA bought Chilingo, the company that created Angry Birds, which is the latest hot game for mobile players, so popular it was mentioned on the television program White Collar last night.

ZDNet points out that this move puts EA “squarely in the middle” of the casual game market. As people get busier and more mobile, they seek out quick entertainment fixes while standing in line, waiting for buses or cabs, or taking a work break. Casual gaming is a major technological marketing trend and that is not likely to change. If Popcap games can sell for millions, that is a great incentive for us all to try to think of the next big game.

Quick! Design something with cute supernatural creatures or bright colors that people can play in a minute or two! Maybe adorable zombie cats kicking over blocks! Babies planting gardens! There are millions of dollars at stake!

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