Eagles Attack U.S. Post Office in Alaska

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Eagles attack a post office in Dutch Harbor, Alaska has gained nationwide attention. Several postal customers have been attacked by a pair of bald eagles, and although there have been no serious injuries, one eagle drew blood. Apparently the post office eagle logo doesn’t thwart these brazen birds from moving into post office territory.

The bald eagles on the attack are protecting a nest filled with newly hatched chicks, located on a bluff by the post office. This is the second year that postal customers and other residents of the town have been victimized by an eagle’s attack. Bruce Woods of the Alaskan Fish and Wildlife Service explains that bald eagles are very protective of their young, and advises people to heed posted warning signs and wear hats.

Bald eagles aren’t protected as an endangered species in Alaska, but under federal law, they are protected as the national bird of the United States. It seems that popping the aggressive birds off with a shotgun would be frowned upon, even in Alaska, so warning signs and hats has become the chosen method of resolution.

Yahoo News reports that there are no plans to remove the nest, and the problem should resolve itself by the end of summer, when the chicks leave the nest. In the meantime, the residents of Dutch Harbor will just have to deal with the occasional eagle attack, which some may think is nothing compared to other battles people face concerning the post office.

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