Early Presents for me!

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My last article was regarding an mp3 player. How I was in the market for one, and wanted advice as to whether one I was looking at was descent in regards to functioning and price. I had since decided against the Samsung S2 Pebble. Actually, I had just about given up completely, resigning that I didn't really need one.

I'll be the first to admit, I have issues with money. I don't like spending it, plain and simple. I can go to the store and mull over such a simple thing as which toilet paper to get, or which chocolate frosting to get. I'm constantly fighting over prices and particular items–I always have, and probably always will.

My birthday isn't until mid April but that doesn't stop my family from giving me my presents really early, or at least some of them.

First I was given three pink Really Useful Boxes – Seriously, that's the name of them. It's even molded into the plastic.


I would have been perfectly fine with that really, but there was more. I now have a 16 GB Pink iPod Nano!


It's really a nice pink. It almost matches my Motorola phone. It's lighter than my phone, and slightly smaller. While I like it, I really do, it leaves me wondering how to carry it. I mean there must be some kind of case for it right? The buttons seem really sensitive, or at least the scrolling touch pad wheel and while there is a hold button to disable them, I don't want to damage them.

Another thing that befuddles me, is there is a white dock type thing that comes with it, but I have no idea of what it really is, as the box and quick start instructions have no mention of it. It looks like it is supposed to sit in something, but I am not sure what. Does anyone know?

So those are my early birthday presents. I'll have to wait until mid- April to see what else I will receive.

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