Earth ~ Wind ~ Fire ~ Rain ~ Fibonacci ~ MP2012

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Earth ~ Wind ~ Fire ~ Rain




like Earth

solid – sure

so strong we can grow

our roots deep in its nurturing

together stand fast – spinning – hurtling apace through space

unruffled by dangers – invested so deep –no room for dismay here

safe in her keep



like Wind

a soft breath

blowing o’er our skin

riffling the hairs of our body

making them dance – soothing us with its light, warm caress

exciting senses with billowy kiss – sweet expectation, wishing,

“please – never cease…”



like Fire

that smolders

in coldest winter

the look in the eyes that excites

oxygen pure that feeds what we crave – passion ignites

who knew of Heaven engulfed all in flames – we bask in her heat here

sweet love is her name~



like Rain

pounding on

tin roof overhead

its drumming mesmerizing me

how many must there be creating cacophony

then, fall to ground, a steady stream of drips – etch their mark upon Earth that says, “we were here…”



You might have heard of Fibonacci in relation to mathematics. He developed a sequence of numbers that poets have turned into a form.

Fibonacci Poetry uses the sequence to structure the syllable count of the lines in their poems. Mindful Poetry has never officially used this form as a Form-of-the-Month, but I did write up a post a few years ago.

Because I find my post lacking, I will elaborate now. Here is the sequence of numbers. 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34…

Your first line of the poem has no syllables. (I know, that sounds silly.) The second line has one syllable, the third line has one syllable, the fourth line has two syllables, the fifth line has three syllables, and so on. Do you see how this works? Please ask if it’s not clear.  “By definition, the first two numbers in the Fibonacci sequence are 0 and 1, and each subsequent number is the sum of the previous two.” –Wikipedia

If you are new to this group or contest, go here to learn more and then come back to participate in today’s challenge.

Follow these rules:

1. Today’s prompt: use any or all of the elements in word or idea–earth, air, fire, water

2. Your Fibonacci poem can be as long as you want, but at least five lines of words.

3. Publish so that the date stamped is April 23rd with only one stamp-date

4. Tag with MP2012

Publish to Mindful Poetry (and other groups as you wish)

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