Earthquake and Tsunami Survivor Rescued after Eight Days

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Military search and rescue teams found a survivor of Japan’s March 11 earthquake and tsunami after eight days under his home. Katsuharu Moriya is in his 20s; so that may account for his survival in conditions that would kill most people. The man was in stable physical condition, but he is clearly in a state of shock and unable to speak.

The powerful earthquake was a 9.0-magnitude, and the tsunami that followed the quake caused unimaginable devastation. As if that were not enough, the temperatures have been cold enough to snow.

The man is too weak to talk, but he was successfully removed and brought to a local hospital. The home fell in on the man in one of the hardest hit cities of Japan’s northeast region. The survivor was from the city of Kesennuma.

The earthquake triggered a massive tsunami which would account for the number of missing people. After the earthquake damaged Japan, those whom the quake did not kill probably lost their lives, when the resulting tsunami swept them out to sea.

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