Earthquake in Berkeley, CA Today With 3.6 Magnitude

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An earthquake in Berkeley, California today rattled the East Bay with a reported 3.6 magnitude. The quake was centered just 1 mile east of Berkeley on the Hayward Fault. Residents were reminded of a quake just a week ago which was more earth-rattling.

A report from Mercury News notes that the quake occurred around 5:36 AM this morning. Some shaking was felt in Berkeley, Oakland, Alameda and also San Francisco. According to some residents who felt it, it wasn’t as big as an earthquake that hit last Thursday. Last week’s quakes were 4.0 and 3.8 in terms of magnitude, with this latest one starting at 3.9 but was downgraded to 3.6 in magnitude. Those who track the quakes are finding the recent occurrence very interesting too, as it’s considered rare.

The good news with this report is also that there are no current reports of damage or injury as a result of this latest shaking. The scary news is that these few quakes could be a possible indication of a bigger earthquake for the area. The director at Earthquake Science Center, Keith Knudsen, noted:

“These are getting up there in size, so it’s interesting. With an earthquake like this there is always a chance it is a foreshock to a bigger earthquake coming, but that’s a low probability.

What’s it mean? That’s the $69 question. What it is telling us, we don’t know, but it is interesting from a number of perspectives.”

Luckily, Knudsen has said that it’s a low probability that a bigger quake is coming. That shouldn’t stop residents from being prepared though. Even small tremors can be scary, so it’s best to be prepared in the case of a bigger emergency. This is especially true after hearing of the recent tragic circumstances in Turkey.

Did you feel the earthquake in Berkeley, CA today or any of the surrounding areas that were affected by the rattling?

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