Easel Musings: Week 17 Challenge – Her New Life

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On the side of a two lane highway that weaves its way into a small town, Katie sits, waiting patiently for the Grey Hound bus that will deliver her to a new life.

Four years ago Katie was a new bride. Her husband Todd was a good looking guy, with an attitude as big as the universe. As it turned out his temper was even bigger. Katie found out the slow hard way as Todd revealed himself in bits and pieces.

At first he called her names, put her down; it made him feel like a man. But soon that wasn't enough. Katie wasn't afraid and Todd needed her fear. Four months after they were married he showed her how a man can hurt a wife. Afterwards he told her he was ashamed, but secretly he enjoyed every minute. He pleaded for forgiveness and blamed it on stress. He took her out to dinner after the bruises faded and Katie believed her husband when he told her he wouldn't do it again.

Katie worked part time and handed all her money over to Todd, just as every wife should, according to her husband. She cooked and cleaned and took care of the yard. After all, Todd worked hard and "brought home the bacon" as he liked to tell his wife.

Just before their first anniversary Katie found out she was pregnant.  She cooked his favorite dinner and made a chocolate cake. After dinner she told her husband they were having their first child. The beating that followed caused her to miscarry. That was when Katie realized, Todd would someday kill her.

For the next three years Katie survived; waited. During those years Todd had gotten worse; the beatings came on a regular basis. Katie suffered in silence and never told a soul. A few friends suspected but Katie would never admit anything. She'd do this on her own.

It was a blessing disguised as a tragedy when Todd landed in the hospital. Katie couldn't believer her luck. Without thinking twice she rushed home to pack a few belongings and sell anything she could get her hands on. After four years of marriage the final score read like this: 2 broken noses, 4 broken ribs, 7 black eyes and 3 sprains; only one broken leg and one lost child. She had a total of $4000 to show for her years with Todd; it was enough to get her out.

She hitched a ride or three and ended up in a small town; a two lane road weaving through it. The town had one motel, one diner, one gas station and one market. She'd eaten dinner in the diner and slept in a room at the motel. She'd bought a few snacks at the market and waited patiently across from the gas station. Her one suitcase she used as a bench, she waited for the Grey Hound Bus to deliver her to her new life.

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