‘Easy A’ Movie Reviews: Is Emma Stone the Next ‘It’ Girl? (Trailer)

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Lindsay Lohan is in need of a Hollywood comeback story and who knows what Ellen Page is doing these days (other than some lame Cisco commercials) so the world needs a new “Mean Girl” to shake up the hum drum Fall movie season.

Get ready for Emma Stone.

In ‘Easy A‘ she’s getting ready to make a big splash as the next ‘It’ girl with a story as old as the hills. Namely, ‘The Scarlet Letter’ written by Nathaniel Hawthorne in 1850.

In the modern update there’s a neat twist: Hester Prynne proudly wears her scarlet letter A to school and uses her new found notoriety to advance her life educationally and financially. And, oh yeah, she attempts the mythical Seinfeld ‘conversion’ along the way. And succeeds where Elaine Benes failed so miserably.

Obviously, it’s complicated. And, apparently, wickedly funny. Hawthorne never thought of that one. He’d be wearing a few letters himself if he’d tried to pull it off…

Emma Stone seems to be getting most of the raves, but there’s ample praise for the supporting cast as well. Patricia Clarkson plays the spirited, sexy mom with a past of her own. Penn Badgley is appropriately hunky as the befuddled, prospective boyfriend. And even Stanley Tucci restrains himself from chewing up the scenery for once as he deals with a wayward, formally spotlessly virtuous honor student daughter.

See for yourself.

Here are three reviews from movie critics all around the country which will help you make up your mind as to whether or not Nathaniel Hawthorne would be proud to see his classic masterpiece given a modern spin:

Owen Gleiberman at Entertainment Weekly:

“If Lindsay Lohan never makes it back to leading-lady status, then we can all comfort ourselves with the knowledge that we have Emma Stone. In Easy A, a remorselessly cheeky sociological teen-raunch comedy that attempts to do for The Scarlet Letter what Clueless did for Emma, Stone has a speed and sparkle that may remind you of Lohan in her Mean Girls prime.”

Roger Moore at The Orlando Sentinel:

“The ghost of John Hughes smiles upon “Easy A,” a film that freely and giddily borrows from and pays tribute to Hughes’ famous Holy Trinity of ’80s teen angst comedies. Like those films — “Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club” and “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” — “Easy A” taps into teen insecurities, teen posing, the maddening melodrama of teen life. And it takes that angst seriously — serious with a bemused, arched eyebrow.”

Randy Cordova at Arizona Republic:

“With Scottsdale native Emma Stone playing Olive, the character pretty much bursts off the screen. Stone has been good in supporting roles (“Zombieland,” “Superbad”), but she’s thoroughly captivating here. She’s feisty and vivacious and projects a completely natural charm. This role breaks her out from the pack of young starlets. This is the kind of movie about teenagers that an adult audience should embrace. It’s simply that good, and Stone is nothing short of wonderful.”

There you have it.

3 out of 3 A’s for effort. In case you need to make up your own mind though, have a look at the official ‘Easy A’ trailer:

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