Eataly in NYC is an Innovative Italian Business Model

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Mario Batali will open the doors of Eataly in NYC at 4 PM on August 31 to offer the finest Italian food in all forms. Whether enthusiasts prefer to cook at home or dine out, there are an array of alluring Italian options available at the 50,000 square foot emporium located in NYC at 200 Fifth Avenue at 23rd Street.

Who is Mario Batali?

Mario Batali, the owner of Eataly in NYC is an American chef, restauranteur, media personality and writer. He is also an expert with regard to the culture and history of Italian cuisine. Wikipedia reports Batalli starred in Molto Mario on the Food Network and appeared in Iron Chef America on PBS. In 2008, Batali received the “Best Restauranteur” award from the James Beard Foundation.

What is Eataly in NYC?

An example to other restauranteurs, Batali created Eataly in NYC as a gourmet “temple” for Italian food lovers. The food destination samples and sells the finest Italian offerings including cheeses, pastry, pasta, dry goods, a raw beef “sushi” bar and cured meats. There is also a butcher and fishmonger on the premises.

Beyond food, Eater NY reports other lures at Eataly in NYC include a bookstore, Italian bank ATM, coffee bar, pizza, panini, housewares, wine store and a cooking school by Lidia Bastianich. Also part of the future plan for Eataly is a rooftop beer garden. Batali has created a one-stop shop for everything Italian.

What Eataly in NYC Isn’t

While everything will be sold at Eataly in NYC, there are also several sit-down restaurants and food courts. Batali feels food is more sacred than commerce. He says Eataly isn’t a giant food court or a bunch of restaurants under a single roof.

Rather, Batali indicates Eataly in NYC is, “a retail store where we peddle the greatest of Italian products…. You ask any Italian and all of the smart Americans where the best meal they ever had in the last ten years was, and it was never in a restaurant. It was always in the house. And with these products, and this ideology, we’re hoping that’s what we’re going to bring to New Yorkers.”

Batali also told the New York Times he thinks NYC needs a place “to go and be provoked and think about great food and great stuff.”

Eataly in NYC Appeals To Non-Cooks, Too

Fine dining is always a desirable option, especially for those who prefer not to cook. For those looking to eat out, several restaurants will exist at Eataly including La Pasta, Il Crudo, Il Pesce, Il Manzo, Salumi e Formaggi, La Verdura and Pizzeria Rossopomodoro. For those who prefer to eat casually, there are several food stands including Il Laboratoria, Pasticceria, Rosticceria and Paninoteca.

Because of its diverse options and top quality cuisine, Urban Daddy refers to Eataly as the “eatalian stallion.”

Why Mario Batali is a Wise Businessman

During difficult economic times, it’s easy to see why Mario Batali is considered a top restauranteur. Many people are foregoing on dining out due to financial woes. People still need to eat regardless of how tight their budget might be. Eataly in NYC offers an unparalleled opportunity to sample and select the highest quality Italian cuisine to cook at home. It’s a guilt-free experience sure to make all types of shoppers happy.

For those who prefer prepared meals, Eataly in NYC features a myriad of options for breakfast, lunch and dinner including sit-down service in an elegant atmosphere and food stands for folks on-the-go. It seems Batali knows what everyone wants and created a place to deliver it right in the heart of NYC.

This YouTube video discusses what the shop owners in Little Italy think of the Eataly NYC concept and how there is plenty of room for more Italian food.

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