Eating dinner at a triangular table – Wednesday Writing Essentials

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Tom, ancient, hairless except for strands around his nose, wrinkled as long misused paper bag: Lesley, gentle, slender as a fawn, bouncy as a hare, curly as an inch-worm making a ring on the bed: Miranda, Lesley’s mother and Tom’s daughter. They sat for dinner at a dining-table that Lesley insisted must be triangular.

“Why?” asked Mom.

“’Cause it’s got three.”

“Three what?”

“Three of us.”

“But it’s got four sides.”

Lesley, sweet, innocent, innocuous, took the table apart along the line her grandfather cut for her.

“That’s a bald-faced lie,” said she. And Tom’s bald face wrinkled in smiles.

Prompts for Wednesday Writing Essentials September 29, 2010

  • Use the phrase: That’s a bald-faced lie!
  • Someone needs to sit at a table or bar and consume something
  • Don’t leave us hanging, write a clear denouement at the end
  • Include a ring of any sort whatsoever in your submission
  • publish by October 5 for inclusion in next week’s column
  • tag with gwwe


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