eBay Bans “High Times” Magazine

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I find this story very interesting, eBay the online auction site has decided to remove and ban all listings of a magazine called High Times.  As the name implies High Times’ subject matter is marijuana.

Supporters of High Times are calling eBay’s move unconstitutional and quoting Free Speech.  However since eBay isn’t the government that won’t hold up, it’s like in your own home or business you can ban whatever you want.  To be honest the government stepping into this which actually be more unconstitutional than the act itself.

eBay says that in their Terms of Service it’s forbidden to list anything that may encourage illegal pursuits.  And as of right now the Federal Government still deems marijuana illegal.  It is said that eBay still always the listings of different types of bongs and paraphernalia.

Going on a limb some are saying that this move is actually more to do with the political aspirations of former CEO Meg Whitman.

Here is my personal take on the whole situation – eBay is an independent company allowed to ban what they want.  If you don’t like it Ban eBay yourself and find another site to give your business to.  However I think if eBay is going to ban the magazine it should ban the bongs.  This to me is an all or nothing kind of situation.

As for the political side – I think this might be farfetched, I see political moves being a stronger show, a sort of going on record can’t be argued moment.  This just seems like a weaker – lets enforce our TOS here moment.

What are your thoughts?


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