Ebooks get own Bestseller List by Wall Street Journal

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Digital publishing has gained steam in sales and popularity with tablet devices and e-readers being readily available, and now The Wall Street Journal is starting to take the digital publishing industry seriously by including ebook sales in their national bestseller lists.

Reported by Mashable, Wall Street Journal will include both hardcopy sales figures as well as digital downloads of the ebook equivalent for both fiction and non-fiction. On top of that, there will be a separate bestseller’s list that will only show ebook sales for fiction and non-fiction.

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This shift of recognizing ebook sales is nothing new, in fact others like The New York Times—known for their embracing of paywalls and digital distribution—have already included ebook sales in their list. USA Today also includes ebooks.

Contrary to belief, hardcopy and ebook lists differ in their content and revenue. Most ebook lists are dominated by 99-cent ebooks which are majorly self-published, while most consumers still buy hard copies of books published by major publishing houses.

Despite this, however, Amazon reported they have started selling more digital copies with the release of their Kindle e-reader devices. Amazon has also seen new customers even buying digital versions of books more than repeat customers.

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