ECHOES OF THE PAST: (SunWE, 06/15/14, Sound)

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Sunday Writing Essential (06/15/14, Sound)

The List of Things to Do:

Pick a particular sound, a song, or piece of music, and write a story or poem centered around your choice. Remember, focus on an emotional response connected to sound.



© 2014 by David Wainland

Clickety-clack the sounds of ivory

float through the apartment

followed by, two crack, three bam

The tick-tick of long needles

rises from the living room

knit one, pearl two

Whrrr, whispers the motor

from the machine in the hall

threading the bobbin

Rattle, bubble, sizzle

kitchen noise abound

clatter of dishes being set

Hissing, fresh steam rising

radiator playing background

banging in the pipes

“David wake up now

brush your teeth

you’ll be late for school”

Subway noises grumbling

traffic lights click

horns honking

An aching heart wears

echoes of sounds

all on a Bronx day

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