Economy 2012: Consumer confidence in Obama falls for 4th month

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“Economy 2012″ is turning out to be the hottest political topics of the election year, with consumer confidence in the current administration falling for the fourth consecutive month in June.

And of course it is, as having enough money to feed one’s family is what is driving most Americans right now, not trying to tangle with Arizona over illegal immigration or the U.S. Supreme Court over the Obama Health Care legislation.

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Job growth is weaker, economic conditions keep deteriorating and the American public expressed their belief it is only going to get worse in the latest poll taken by the Conference Board.

With a possible 100 percentage points to guide them, the Board announced on Tuesday that in the month of June consumer confidence fell yet again, this time down from 64.4 percent in May to 62 percent.

And why shouldn’t it? With the president so busy taking Hawaiian and Martha’s Vineyard vacations the first two or three years in office–and dealing with scandal after scandal from his Secret Service and GSA employees, nobody appears to have been doing the country’s work. And the economy 2012 polls are showing it.

That doesn’t bode well for the current administration, who has had four years to make good on campaign promises to turn the country around, economically, but failed to do so.

In fact, President Obama recently said in a campaign speech in Boston–although he was joking–that “the economy is bad, and it’s all my fault.”

He thinks that if he says his competition for the top job in Washington is going to try and give him black marks for his job performance that people will feel sorry for him, maybe.

Unfortunately, the joke may be on him in November, as 78 percent of Americans believe the country is in a recession, according to Reuters, and they’re not in a joking mood about it.

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