Eddie Long Investigation: Bishop – “I Am Not the Person They are Portraying in the Media”

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New Birth Missionary Baptist Church bishop, Eddie Long, said today, “I am not the person they are portraying in the media”, referring to his on-going investigation into forced sex with young teen male members. The pastor addressed a crowd of about 10K people at his temple, New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Georgia.  Although subdued, more than usual, Eddie Long said, “every knee shall bow, and every tongue shall confess Jesus as their Lord and Savior”.

Quotes from Pastor Eddie Long’s speech at New Birth

Referring to the investigation, Bishop Eddie Long said, “I am going to vigorously fight all of it,” to a roaring crowd of supporters.  “I feel like David facing Goliath.  There’s a giant in front of me, and I am going to fight, and fight vigorously.  And, I’ve got five rocks, and I haven’t thrown one yet.” Those in attendance at the prodigious New Birth Missionary Baptist Church temple appeared to “stand by their pastor”, as one elder of the church put it, following Eddie Long’s speech to New Birth.

Today’s church services at New Birth was more of a campaign to begin the forward prepping of any juror that would sit in judgement during from the Bishop Eddie Long investigation, so it seems.  Instead of the extended Sunday worship service members are accustomed to from Eddie Long, today was more of a cameo appearance to come forth and show his flock that he is resilient, innocent, and in preparation for a battle to clear his name in the sex scandal investigation.

Analysis of Eddie Long’s speech at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church

Are you convinced that today’s appearance and speech by Bishop Eddie Long in the sex scandal investigation, placed him in a positive light?  How can the embattled Bishop Eddie Long recover from the impact this investigation has brought on him and New Birth Missionary Baptist Church?

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