Eddie Murphy Hopes to Host the Oscars Someday

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Eddie Murphy backed out of hosting the 2012 Oscars after his friend, Brett Ratner, resigned. That happened shortly after Ratner made a seemingly homophobic slur that stirred much of the Hollywood community. Before the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences could lobby for his dismissal, he decided to pack it in on his own. In support, Murphy followed.

However, the comedian still hopes to join Oscar on stage sometime in the future. “It’s still something that I would like to do one day,” he proclaims. “Because all the best comics have done it.” He refers, of course, to fellow comedians like Billy Crystal, Whoopi Goldberg and Robin Williams, among others.

Murphy laments that hosting the Oscars is “one of the few things I haven’t done in my 35 years in the business….” He admits it would be a nice thing to put in his résumé.

As for his analyses of Crystal’s job this year, Murphy’s comments were positive. “I thought Billy did a wonderful job.” Sadly, not everyone has agreed with that assessment. Some felt the show was flat; that it needed something more. Murphy says he originally hoped to make the show “pop” as its host.

“The other award shows — the Grammys and the American Music Awards — all those music shows…pop. So there’s no reason…the Oscars can’t pop too,” he claims.

The comedian said there were plans to merge him into this year’s show. However, for some reason, they didn’t come to fruition. “I guess we never came up with anything (that worked),” he lamented.

No doubt Eddie Murphy’s fans would love to see him host the Oscars one day. Few comedians are faster on their feet or can play such a range of characters. He would definitely keep things popping during the telecast. The Academy just needs to keep that “beep” tone ready for action.

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