Eddie Murphy is Dead! Death by Twitter Hoax!

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Another day, another “this celebrity is dead” hoax. This time it is comedian Eddie Murphy. Now what on earth did Mr. Murphy do to deserve this?

Well the rumors of celebrities being dead tend to spread like wildfire when it comes to Twitter, and Murphy was no exception. Today’s (July 11) hoax had Eddie dying on in a tragic snowboarding accident in Zermatt, Switzerland.

Of course, this story had more legs than previous death hoaxes of celebrities like Justin Bieber, Hugh Hefner, and Charlie Sheen. Unlike those earlier three, who personally dispelled the rumors via Twitter since they were active, Eddie Murphy doesn’t seem to have an official Twitter account.

So, the real key to seeing if this is real news or yet another fake is the mere fact that Eddie has died by snowboard accident several times in the last couple of years. Either Eddie Murphy is a cat and has nine lives or this is an Internet hoax, you be the judge!

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