Eddie Murphy Still Not Dead

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Reports that Eddie Murphy died in a snowboarding accident on November 15th are completely false. It’s sad that such a talented actor has to deal with rumors of his demise on such a regular basis, but he likely keeps his sense of humor about the whole thing. In fact, wouldn’t it be amusing to see him do stand up about his own demise, pulling from all the various ways he’s been reported to have died?

Global Associated News reported the rumor that the comedian and actor was at the Zermatt ski resort in Switzerland with family and friends and “…lost control of his snowboard and struck a tree at a high rate of speed.”

The false report also stated that Murphy was airlifted by ski patrol teams but that he died instantly from the crash impact; drugs and alcohol did not appear to be a factor, and he was wearing a helmet at the time. Well, at least the gossip had him standing by his moral code during their imagined cause of death! Besides, the actor is dating a 30-something model; he’s got more than enough to live for that he isn’t speeding down any Swiss mountains at the moment.

According to Gossip Cop, the actor did not die November 15, 2012, ten days prior or any other time before that. Eddie Murphy is alive and well, and will likely continue to be alive through the next ten death reports.

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