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with pen I pour

my soul onto the page

my thoughts

my dreams

the intimacies I cannot say


but feel so intently

I should bleed red

upon the waiting page

thoughts so real my heart

pounds as I write

my breathing is both

shallow and deep at once

my limbs tremble and twitch

as if a marionette

and in a way, I am -

from far away you

push my buttons

pull my strings

you move me

you move in me

you drive all other thoughts away

as if they are cockroaches

and you are light

you do not tread lightly

in my head and heart

you stomp and stir me -

roil the thoughts

I am too timid to say

but there are so many -

like leaves in an eddy

of a swollen stream

after a deluge

they spin and swirl

and whirl away

then flow from me -

a maelstrom of tenderness

pouring upon the page

from me to you all meant

from my soul sent

and as I write

the storm clouds part

your sunshine bathes

and becalms

my heart


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