My footsteps echo off the ancient brick pavers as I approach the Edinburgh castle.  Statues cast long eerie shadows in the night. In the background I can hear a tour guide telling ghost stories to his clients.  All of this adds to the prickly sensation I have in my stomach, and my pulse quickens just a few beats.  I spend time setting up shots on a tripod, aware of all that is going on around me, the man in the shadows, the sound of voices off to my left, a couple embracing each other.  It's magical, just like a fairy tale.

I'm using a Canon 40D digital camera with a Sigma 10-22mm lens.  The exposure is several seconds.  I vary it a bit one way or another depending how much depth of field I want.  The tripod is essential.  I set the self-timer mode to keep the camera from having any movement from me pushing the button.

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I'm full of energy, both artistic and counter-productive. It just depends on the day.

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