Eduardo & Jayne Garcia Valesca: Kidnapped & Terrorized in Mexico Find HeartMath…{PICS & VIDEO}

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Eduardo Garcia Valesca was kidnapped from the Washington area where Valesca lived. While delivering papers with his wife Jayne Rager de Garcia Valseca , men with handguns cause a pre-meditated collision and then rush into the jeep of Valesca. The men broke the windows and pulled the couple out of the jeep.

Both Eduardo Valesca and Jayne Rager de Garcia Valseca   are stuffed reluctantly into the White SUV and then thick, cotton sacks are shoved onto their heads and then they are handcuffed and then they are bound by their wrists.

The kidnappers ransomed money from the Eduardo Garcia Valesca family by sendi notes, e-mails, and photos which proved that Valesca was alive. The kidnappers were scrambing trying to force family members to send ransom money.

Jayne was freed from the kidnappers the very next morning, but Eduardo lived with the kidnappers for 7 ½ months in a small and filthy box. While in the box, the kidnappers demanded 8 million in cash; however, the couple is refusing to tell how much money was given for fear of further extortion efforts. But Valesca admits that it was less then a million dollars.

When Eduardo Garcia Valesca was kidnapped, he weighted around 160 pounds and when he returned after his kidnapping he weighed only about 90 pounds. Valesca also had suffered 2 wounds by gunshot, 3 broken ribs and also some other ailments.

The Valesca family suffered another loss shorty after the Mexico kidnapping ordeal was over. Jayne Valesca’s breast cancer returned only it was worse. Jayne Valeca and the rest of her family found healing from using the HeartMath tools from Cancer Treatment Centers of America. I hope health and wholeness returns completely for the Valesca family. God knows they need it and deserve happiness.


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