Edward Scissorhands Remake? With Robert Pattinson??

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24 June 2010 - Los Angeles, California - Robert Pattinson. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Los Angeles Premiere at the 2010 Los Angeles Film Festival held at Nokia Theatre LA Live. Photo Credit: Charles Harris/AdMedia

The rumor that an Edward Scissorhands remake is in the works is flying around the Internet. Most Scissorhands fans are not happy at the thought. What’s worse for them is who’s rumored to replace Johnny Depp in the title role. Who has the Edward Scissorhands lovers in an uproar? None other than Twilight‘s main vampire, Robert Pattinson.

I checked up on the Edward Scissorhands remake rumor as soon as I saw it since nobody was providing a link to a story about it. And I kept looking. I saw nothing but Twitter and Tumblr pages claiming “Edward Scissorhands remake! Robert Pattinson replacing Johnny Depp!”

Edward Scissorhands remake claims appear to have nothing to back them up. I can’t see it on news feeds. I see news about the Edward Scissorhands stage adaptation. I see an ad for Twilight: Eclipse on the IMDB page for the original Edward Scissorhands (your ads on that page may vary). But no proof of the rumor anywhere.

You suppose someone made a bad joke about pale-skinned Edwards that has now gone horribly wrong? What else could explain this rumor about Edward Scissorhands remakes? If you know something I don’t, please, leave a comment and let me know. If the Edward Scissorhands remake with Robert Pattinson rumor is true, someone needs to land a cluebat on Tim Burton’s head. Replacing an Oscar-winning actor like Johnny Depp with someone whose credits involve dying at the hands of Voldemort and stalking the World’s Most Boring Teenaged Girl Ever(tm) would be like a lot of people on Twitter said: replacing Barack Obama with Justin Bieber.

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