Edward Speaks Out! Robert Pattinson Interview at Twilight Premiere (VIDEO) (PHOTO)

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The TWILIGHT: ECLIPSE premiere brought the cast back together again, most notably Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, who looked all too cozy and cute when they posed for pictures together. EXTRA! was there interviewing the cast members on the BLACK carpet (nice touch) and Pattinson was very loquacious, in that lovely accent of his!

I don’t know about the outfit–I think he could have de-scruffed a little bit and followed his pal Taylor Lautner’s example, upping the glamour ante and looking like a man instead of a boy who lives under a rock. But the fans didn’t care . . . and the stars signed autographs and waved until their arms were going to fall off. All in all, it seemed to be a pretty festive occasion.

Now that the cast is in L.A., Pattinson can play catch up with them. He hasn’t been on the international press junkets and Kristen has admitted to missing him while they were doing the publicity tour away from the States. WATER FOR ELEPHANTS, Pattinson’s next film, will be a very prestigious affair so it was important for him to take the job seriously and wait until the premiere to do some big talking about himself and the film.

Do you think he is the funniest of the three major stars of the film? Do you think that he will ever admit his love for Kristen out in the open? I think it will just slip out one of these nights . . .


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